Quality Assurance

V2 Innovations offers quality assurance (QA) consulting services with a focus on Agile testing. Our QA consultants help you:
  • Define team logistics including ideal team structure, tester to developer ratio and physical logistics
  • Move from other testing methods to Agile including implementing lean measurement, defect tracking, traceability and test strategy and planning
  • Implement source control, build tools, build automation tools and unit testing tools
  • Implement tools for testing the GUI, API and web services
  • Implement scenario, exploratory, user needs and persona and session testing along with acceptance tests
  • Select, install and configure test data generation tools
  • Perform load, stress and scalability testing
  • Implement automation for continuous integration, build and deploys
  • Track test tasks and status
  • Setup test and staging environments
  • Mitigate risk and manage technical debt
  • Drive development with business facing tests
  • Use best practices for writing tests
  • Work with the development team to implement unit tests
  • Test for security, interoperability, reliability, maintainability and install ability
  • Target memory management issues
  • Understand the purpose of release planning, sizing, prioritization of stories, prioritization of defects and perform test planning
  • Implement regression tests

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